Saturday, December 09, 2006

You never know who's watching

James and I have been in the company of 2 big owls living right above our RV in tall palm trees. Yes, there are several palm trees here in the desert. During the day they sit up there snoozing and occasionally open their eyes and give a look to see what's going on. They blend in so well, it is hard to see them most of the time, and most often, I forget that they are even sitting up there. In the evening, right after sunset, they begin to hoot, and then disappear into the night on their hunting adventure.


Robert A Vollrath said...

This blog is getting more fun all the time. When I think of owls I don't think of palm trees. Great picture of the owl.

Eleanor J Vollrath said...

I never thought I'd be bird watching by the internet. Looking in my bird books I've narrowed it down to three owls; Screech Owl Otus asio, Great Horned Owl Bubo virginianus or the
Whiskered Owl Otus trichopsis.