Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bug Hunters Ananymous!

Hi all! Finally back online. Thought in some spare time of the midnight hours I would blog again...as that is what my world has come too these days. I chose to blog about some of the awesome insects we caught and photographed while we performed in Muscatine, Iowa during the crazy floods and heat of the summer months of 2008.

(Pictured Below) I captured this Katydid nymph on the little bush right outside our front door on my way to the Art Center in early June. I couldn't believe his color, nor his coloring for such a little stinker. No bigger than a quarter of a penny, he sure posed for the camera with plenty of Napoleon attitude.
(Pictured below) I finally have captured the notorious eluding "scorpion fly" on camera. Believe me, I've been trying a long time, and not only that during the capture of this one, I managed to stay out of the poison ivy to get the shot...that in and of itself is a miracle! Isn't she an awesome insect?

(Pictured Below) This curious creature below was one that James and I had never encountered before in all of our travels. One Monday morning, we set out to go bug hunting at the Muscatine Nature Center and stumbled upon this awesome fly. He glistened gold and had the strangest posture holding his abdomen in a crescent moon shape the entire time I photographed him. We did indeed collect the specimen and he may be a painting in the near future.

The first Mayfly of the season.....did infact show up on time despite the flooding on the Mississippi river just 7 blocks away from our apartment. Photographed on the Lilac bush outside our humble labode....I thought he appeared quite regal, angelic and beautiful for a 24 hour lifespan.