Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wilbur the Luna Moth Pastel Study

Hi everyone! We arrived in Muscatine Iowa about 3 weeks ago and have been busy ever since. In fact busy isn't even the word! This town is great! Right on the Misssissippi River, and full of great people and places to go. James is performing over 100 programs in this area of Iowa over the next few months as I paint a 108" x 72" Luna moth named "Wilbur" (as pictured the pastel study to give you an idea). Tonight was our opening reception, and it was fantastic! Thanks to all of you who helped and gave efforts to help us install, and plan. We give you our deepest gratitude. I begin tommorrow morning on the giant canvas, and have a group of 3rd graders visiting the Art Center after lunch to take in the presentation and performance of Wilbur coming to life on canvas. Our schedule is so full, for the summer, but I will do my best at blogging when I can.