Friday, December 08, 2006

Painting the throat feathers

Above is a close up of the final changes in progress for the red throat feathers, you can see the new black outlines on the right side of the neck. James took a picture of me working on the painting last night. I also reshaped the eye yesterday and gave him his eyelids with different highlight reflections .

A close up veiw of the ruby feathers after partial carve out....I'm gearing up the courage to begin the very complicated left hand side of the throat today and hope it won't be as difficult as what my mind is telling me it will be.

What Achilles looks like after the new work over the past couple of weeks. The lighting is really beginning to pop him and I plan to paint the final coat on the background this weekend.....more to come later.


Robert A Vollrath said...

Wow! All the pictures are great but that third photograph just jumps off the computer screen. Without seeing the painting in person I can only guess that this is the most 3-D like painting you've done since Rusty the Dragonfly. With this you've become my favorite artist, past, present or future but James is still my favorite performer. Thank God for project InSECT and all the good work you both do!

Eleanor J Vollrath said...

Your painting is so beautiful. I'm so glad my son can call you a friend.

Robert I Vollrath said...

I wish all artist painted with such attention to detail.

Lenessa Niermeier said...

Uber fantastic!

SideShowMom said...

Jessa, he's amazing!!! I wish we could be there to watch you create him!! The kids send their love and we miss you guys terribly!

We'll be watching for the webcam!