Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Recent Pics of Achilles

Above is the final carve out of the throat feathers....without microscopic details and highlights. They are soon to come, and I need smaller brushes, so I am on my way to the art store sometime this week to seek out tiny watercolor brushes that will work for the detail on this oil painting.
I finished the texture and lighting on the bottom of the looks quite fuzzy in texture, very soft, and scribbly. It is a bit different then what I originally set out to do, but it grew on me and think I'll keep it this way. What do you think?


Robert A Vollrath said...

I like lighting on the painting as it gives the Achilles a blur of motion without losing details in the image.

Lacey said...

I like it... it looks like Achilles is creating some movement on the lower background, something like how a helicopter would. Very cool!