Sunday, January 07, 2007

More Throat Feathers

These feathers are taking forever...I finished the top and back of the head except a few minor spots of toning and highlighting. The throat is half done from top portion. I was delayed today in getting any painting done, in which I had hoped to put in a long day and get the rest of the ruby throat finished, but unfortunately, James has been sick with a cold and this morning I woke up with the nasty myself. I have a one week deadline on this painting now, and with seven days left and many more feathers to go, I see that cold or not, I will be painting around the clock to make it happen. I feel like I'm running in the Tour De France with this one.


Lacey said...

Looking Awesome!! I hope your cold lets up, or you find some wonderful cold meds to help you work through this.

Is that some 'optical green' I see over the head and neck? Or is that an effect of the camera?


Way cool throat feathers.