Thursday, January 11, 2007

Getting Dizzy

Hi all, I just put in a 14 hour day on the painting and I got most of the iridescent throat feathers done along with a patch between the shoulder blades on the move. I had to take a photo of him from a right angle as I do have bad glare due to the lights I am working under on this big painting, so he does seem a bit ascue. I do have to say, standing in front of the painting, is a bit crazy because the colors are so intense it messes with your vision, and the iridescent throat feathers make me go hummm??!! WOW
I thought I would throw in a close up of the throat feathers, although it is no where's near the same in person...They really do look iridescent with regular ol' oil paint..and made my eyes go nuts while painting...quite dizzy in fact, and don't know how much of this maddness I can handle again in the future. But I am quite pleased with the outcome. 1 more week to go and counting....Stay tuned for updates!



I've been working on a trademark logo for over a week and I thought I'd take a break because I was getting dizzy from the details on my drawing.
I nearly fell off my chair laughing when I saw the title of your post.
I don't know how you keep topping your previous paintings but you do.
My logo design doesn't seem so hard after looking at those great details on your fantastic painting!

Werner said...

ich weiß nicht wie ich meine begeisterung ausdrücken soll. wunderschön, grossartig, fantastich, ungalublich. WOW!!!

Gruß Werner