Saturday, January 13, 2007

From Dizzy to Cross-Eyed

The back feathers have begun and boy is he popping bright now. The way these iridescent back feathers overlap is real crazy to sort out which is what and what is where. I got all of them laid in yesterday with only shadows and highlights left on each one, I would guess there are near 200 feathers tips on his backside. Above is a detail of the way they look so far, with the base carve out of feathers I left in the bottom right corner. I love the color palette on this particular part of the bird, very fun to mix and paint.



That painting is superhyperfunkadelic!
Your blog is supertween!
I've been looking at too much slang on the internet. To put it in plain english, both your painting and your blog are the best!

Lacey said...

Sweet! What's going to happen with the wing tips and the belly? I can't wait to see this finished.