Saturday, September 26, 2009

Luna Moth Painting-A Pastel Study

A flash back to spring 2008, I painted this 30" x 22" Luna Moth pastel study for a much larger oil portrait which measured 108" x 72" and completed in July 2008. I still don't have those pictures posted in the website ( art gallery, but maybe one of these days it will happen:)
Above is the detail of the study painting, the light on this one was fun, and the polar bear like hair on his head and body make him so lovable and cute. It is the way the speciman looked under the microscope. I think fuzzy wuzzy was a moth!


Samantha G said...

You captured his little face so perfectly. These guys are just ADORABLE!! :)

Robert A Vollrath said...

I loved being there when you painted the big oil painting.

abigirl said...

Moths are rarely portrayed this way....this is beautiful, and really highlights what stunning creatures moths are.