Thursday, July 02, 2009

Prairie Buffalo Sunrise Pastel

I do realize of course that I have been blogging everything but insect work lately, alas, I have been going through a lot of my archives and found many works that have never been publicized or shown to the general public. This is one of these works. A 16" x 20" soft pastel on Wallis paper, which was a study for a large oil painting commissioned for Farmers Insurance Midwest Regional Offices, Overland Park, Kansas in 2002. It was the last corporate commission completed prior to the birth of Project InSECT. So you see, the sunrise foreshadowed with buffalo in the foreground, had a much different meaning for what was to come in my life... huuuummmm:)


Mona said...

A glorious sky and scene.

Robert A Vollrath said...

Very beautiful.

I was at the Omaha Zoo a week ago(OK its the Henry Doorly Zoo)and thought of you and James as I went through the new insect exhibit there.

A tiny flip up sign told about the two endangered insects in Nebraska.

I would think they would make a bigger deal about those endangered insects don't you?

~ Marie ~ said...

thankfully light comes again in each cycle of our lives. you are light in mine. miss you.

Gary Keimig said...

nice one. Great sky.

Gary Keimig said...


after my comment I took the time to really look through your blog and watch a video of your work and I must commend you for what you are doing and accomplishing. I have a biological background myself and began with text book illustration[biology books and a Botony book, guide books etc]
You and your husband certainly have an interesting life going and I am inspired by your work.
Great job.