Sunday, December 28, 2008

"How Mildred Became Famous" Our First Children's Book

Here, we finally are, in the printing phase of our highly anticipated first children's book, "How Mildred Became Famous". The pastel illustrations exceeded our expectations. As with most things at first attempt, the learning curve can reach heights of a Mount Everest.... and we finally made it to the top with a lot of hard work and multiple delays along the way, but we finally made it. Please enjoy several images of some of the illustrations below. We'd love to hear what you think. Let us know.
Illustration for pages 12-13

Illustration for pages 14-15

Illustration for pages 20-21

Illustration for pages 30-31

Take a look at some of the illustrations closeup.............
A closeup of an ant crawling on a raspberry.

A closeup of a buzzing honey bee.

A closeup of Mildred after molting with her beautiful new wings.

A close up of a fat hairy fly on a flower.

We can't wait to see it all in print. The next book begins with layouts in March where Mildred meets Terie the Salt Creek tiger Beetle and learns all about this endangered tiny beetle and her habitat. Hopefully, I will have time to blog the progress of the next book on a weekly basis since we have cleared our schedule for 2009 just for the production of book II. Happy New Year. Until next time......


Erica said...

Hi Jessa & James,

I'm so excited! I know the book will be well-worth the wait, and I'll be happy to promote it on the Library's Web site and on our KC Science, INC Web site, too. Maybe we can do an online interview with you all when the book is out?

Hope you all had a great holiday! Happy New Year!

best wishes,
Erica Reynolds

Jessa said...

Posting a comment from our email:

No way would I leave the wait line for the story line on how Mildred became famous and all those fabulous drawings. After meeting you and seeing your work on display at Powell Garden near Lee's Summit, MO I have been so anxious to preview the book. I have ordered books for each of our families with grandchildren and will wait patiently while you do your fabulous work and the project is complete and the book ships.

Please let me know about your next book also.

Sue Williams
a bug lovin grandma

Jessa said...

Another Emailed comment:

Dear Mildred, Jessa, & James:
Thank you for the update. The pictures are marvelous. We are so looking forward to your book and we are so excited about your successes. It is so wonderful that you are doing so well. The next book sounds great, too. We hope your holidays are full of love and magic. Congratulations on your new puppies. What are their names?
Happy New Year!
Beckon, Scott, Barbara, and Samantha

Jessa said...

Hi Jessa and James -

What great pictures on your blog!! Hope you guys are doing well.
Have a happy new year!

Lacey said...

Wow! These illustrations look *great!* I can't wait to see it in print, either. Hope to talk to you soon and congratulations!

The Team said...

These are beautiful! Can't wait to hold, smell and turn the pages! This is an amazing tribute to my girl Mildred,

Laura Wynn :)

Jessa said...

Posting another email received:

I am jumping up and down with excitement in anticipation of
"Mildred." Also, I would like to be on a list for "any" books you may have coming forth in the future, and notified (if possible) of the dates you may be coming back to Powell Gardens in Kansas City, Missouri.

Although I love all of God's creatures, I never really saw the beauty of insects until you and James provided it through your talent.

By the way, THANK YOU, THANK YOU and BLESS YOU for using a
printer in the USA.

Kindest regards,

June Smith

Robert A Vollrath said...

What a fantastic, wonderful miracle of imagination you two have created!

Thanks for all the times you've let me hang out with Project InSECT and getting to watch one of the pages being created was a true joy.

I love you both and I truly think you are the perfect artistic team.

suzanneberry said...

Hi and thank you so much for your comment! I knew there were artists out there working with bugs, I'm so glad you contacted me. I am thrilled to see your treatment of them! I just started doing bugs because I couldn't bear to do another piece of fruit for my daily painting. Your work is stunning! I love the different moods you create with dramatic backgrounds and the critters are so well painted, simply incredible! I appreciate your comment so much, I really admire your work. Not really sure how in-depth the bugs will get, still searching for that perfect fit. It's obvious you've found yours! Best of luck with the new book, I'm looking forward to seeing it. Best, Suzanne

Dee said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and identifying the little spider I found. I love your illustrations- it looks like a wonderful book!

suzanneberry said...

Hi Jessa, thanks you so much for your comments on Guardian Angelbee! I really appreciate your words, especially in view of your amazing work! Just awe inspiring! Your book is just so full of incredible work, I can't say enough about it. Also appreciate your words about being on to something. It really means a great deal coming from you. Thanks for checking in, hope to chat soon.
best, suzanne

SG said...

This is some of the most wonderful art ever. It's so realistic yet slightly whimsical too. But bugs are whimsical by default, aren't they? I can only hope my next honeybee painting can be half as nice as this stuff. Wonderful work!

Cyn said...

Jessa and James , I met you years ago at the Omaha zoo,you were painting the Praying Mantis.What an awesome sight.I know your book is going to be a smash.I told my daughter in Seattle about it so I am sure she will have the book for my princess.Thanks ,You are a blessing to bugs =] and humans too.,Cynthia Rutherford , Stanton Iowa

suzanneberry said...

I LOVE YOUR WORK SO MUCH!!! love your blog and so glad to see it! so looking forward to seeing the book in the "flesh!" thanks for your comment on Bug 12. chat soon. best, suz

Retta said...

Hi, Jessa & James,

I just wanted to let your readers know I would recommend your Mildred book for ANY child (no matter what the age...that includes we grownups who still enjoy our childlike qualities!) And for ANYONE who loves insects.

James has done a wonderful job on the story and Jessa's illustration's are so lifelike you can almost hear the buzzing of the bees on the flowers. Or believe if you touched the flowers that pollen would rub off on you too!

I'm so happy for you that the books are ready for their long awaited release.

Thanks for introducing us to "Mildred" and telling her story.

We wish you all the best on your book sales. As well as much success on working your way through book two.

Take Care.. Your Friends,
Loretta and David Carr

Robert A Vollrath said...

More posts please.